Money Incognito- Bitcoin Trading

Money Incognito- Bitcoin Trading

Trade and purchase of commodities and services involve a major step in the transaction of money One Search Pro Digital Marketing. Buyers and sellers always seek secure and transparent payments without any breach of privacy or manipulation from a third party for a smooth transaction. Usually, payments are made through liquid cash or cheques through a bank for established secure reasons. This was the scenario for some ages till computer science and virtual applications advanced in a spree. There are several important things that you must consider before trading in bitcoin. So, let us know what bitcoin is and how it is used.

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Birth of bitcoin

Initially, online applications digitized the transaction processes, bringing out the facility of online banking. The whole world welcomed this progress due to reducing bulky liquid cash and quick transfer through the accounts. 

But these transactions are also monitored and controlled through a middle banking system. Soon the developments in digital currency have led its way to the birth of BITCOIN. These are a variety of cryptocurrencies that only exist virtually.

Cryptocurrencies are not issued by any banking or financial authorities and are secured using the private and public cryptography keys. Any trader could now invest in the BITCOINs and proceed with the transaction without middle authorities’ involvement. BITCOIN works based on blockchains, where the transaction details are shared transparently among all the nodes of a network. Any node could easily track any third party trying to hamper in between, and the path of transfer is automatically forked to alternate, thus securing the money.

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Why is bitcoin considered as a currency?

Currencies generated through the blockchains are decentralized, i.e., they are not controlled or stored in any accounts. Rather these can be procured in digital wallets. Digital wallets are generally confused with online bank accounts, but these don’t belong to any authorization, and the currency among them is secured using the encryption keys of cryptography. 

Businesses worldwide started adopting this method of money transfer since it was a fast transaction and didn’t involve any transfer taxes as in liquid cash payment. Though BITCOIN has created a stir in marketing since the last decade, it is amazing that the inventor of this system remains anonymous. 

Decentralized management and transparent transaction processing have created a favor for choosing this type of digital currencies, but they demand tight security. Since the investors have no authority to rely on, they seek concrete encryption and protection against fraud.

Now started the era where the buyers and sellers controlled their money; learning through the new process also brought out cases where a huge amount of money was lost or put up at stake, and the traders couldn’t rely on any source for justification. This scenario also has many jobs and needs for development in network security and cryptography techniques.  


Though BITCOIN development emerged as an alternate digital currency with its benefits and advantages, it didn’t completely replace the traditional transaction methods. But this development is a growing effort which seeks a rise in its trend in the coming years.

Different Modes Of Cash Width drawl And Its Protocol 

Different Modes Of Cash Width drawl And Its Protocol 

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Can a retiree work?

Working helps us to develop on a personal level and also brings us an economic benefit, and even so, most of us are already with our eyes set on retirement to finally be able to enjoy free time. However, not everyone faces this situation equally and there are those who have a retirement pension so low that they cannot make ends meet. This makes us doubt whether a retiree can work or whether collecting the pension is incompatible with work.

Can you be retired and work at the same time?

The answer is yes, but with some conditions . In fact, in our system we have several modalities that make it possible to make the collection of a public retirement pension compatible with salaried work.

Partial retirement

It implies a reduction in the working day of between 25% and 50% and partial access to retirement . In this way, you collect your salary from the company for the hours you continue to work and also the proportional part of your retirement pension.

Flexible retirement

In this case we find someone who has fully agreed to retirement but who then has the opportunity to work part time . What is done is proportionally reduce the pension depending on the hours that are being worked. In addition, the new contributions will serve to improve the pension once it is charged in full again.

Active retirement

This modality allows you to work on your own or someone else’s account and at the same time collect 50% of your pension amount . Of course, keep in mind that with active retirement, the contributions you make during this time will no longer be taken into account for the calculation of the total pension once you access it.

Retirement and self-employment

If you are already retired you can carry out an activity on your own if you register as a self-employed person . In this case, you make the payment of the pension compatible with what you earn with your job, but there is a limit, this compatibility is only possible if your annual income is not higher than the annual calculation of the average inter professional salary .

In addition, you can also consider the possibility of retiring and continuing to run your business and earn money with it, but no longer working, but doing only the tasks of the owner of a business.

The compatibility between work and 100% of the pension

It is only possible to work and also collect the full retirement pension in the case of sporadic self-employed jobs and income does not exceed the minimum inter professional salary in annual calculation .

In this case, there is no obligation to contribute to Social Security, but retirees must comply with the tax obligations derived from the activity carried out, for example, paying VAT at the end of the quarter.

What happens if a retiree does jobs that are not compatible?

If there is no compatibility, the collection of the retirement pension is suspended , as well as the right of access to healthcare and pharmaceuticals as a pensioner. For its part, the employer is obliged to register the worker with Social Security and the new contributions will be taken into account when calculating the retirement pension that may correspond in the future.

You have already seen that in most cases a retired person can work and reconcile the collection of the pension with the collection of a salary. But if you do not want to extend your working life, it is best to do adequate financial planning now that you are on time, so that you can retire when you decide and make the collection of your public pension compatible with the savings you have achieved.